Digital grilling thermometers are the best thing since sliced bread for many grillers and pitmasters. Weber makes a handful of them for hands-off cooking, and our Weber iGrill mini review will unpack the manufacturer’s smallest unit.

However, why should anyone care about the iGrill Mini? Also, should you take Weber’s claim that the unit offers ‘precision grilling every time’ seriously?

Weber igrill mini review
Weber iGrill Mini Thermometer

In this review, we’ll go through these questions and others you’ve been dying to ask about the thermometer. Read on to get all the facts.

An Overview of the Weber iGrill Mini Thermometer

The iGrill Mini is a small app-connected food thermometer. The Bluetooth unit has a probe that you insert in one food cut to get its readings while you’re away from the grill. The entire unit has only one button.

To see the temperature readings of your meal, you need to download the Weber iGrill App from the App Store or Google Play Store on:

  • An iPhone (4S or later)
  • An iPod touch (sixth-generation or later)
  • An iPad (Third-generation or later)
  • An iPad mini
  • An Android gadget (Android 6.0 or later and Bluetooth 4.0 or later) 

Aside from the readings, the device provides temperature and time charts of your food.

iDevices initially made the iGrill Mini. However, a few years back, Weber bought the thermometer and the iGrill 2: its somewhat large-scale model.

What’s in the iGrill Mini box?

The box that contains the iGrill Mini is well-packaged for protection and should contain the following:

  • One iGrill Mini
  • One meat probe
  • One probe wrap
  • One optional magnetic disc
  • One colored probe indicator (red)
  • One cell battery
  • 1 Quick-start guide

Manufacturer Specifications

Thermometer dimension: 1.5 x 1.6 x 2.0 inches

Individual probe dimension: 5.0 x 0.5 x 2.6 inches 

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Batteries: CR2032 (included)

Cord length: 4 feet 

Key Features of Weber iGrill Mini (7202)

1. Smart LED Display: The iGrill Mini is quite small to display temperatures. Instead, the thermometer uses LED to notify you of the progress of your food when you’re near your grill.

  • White – thermometer is powered on
  • Blue – thermometer is paired to a smart device
  • Green – Initial temperature of food within the allowable range
  • Yellow – Target temperature is close (15 degrees away)
  • Orange – Target temperature is almost reached (5 degrees away)
  • Red – Target temperature reached

2. Magnetic Mount: The iGrill Mini has an in-built magnet for mounting to your cooking unit. It also has a disc with adhesive on one side. That way, you can place the iGrill on the disc and stick the disc on your cooking surface.

3. Professional-grade probe assembly: The Mini’s probe is made from premium materials and connected to a cord. It has a red silicon material for easy gripping. The cord fits into a 2.5mm jack on the thermometer’s base.

You can stick the probe in food that’s cooking in a grill, oven, or smoker. The probe and its color indicator are heat resistant to 716 °F.

4. User-friendly smart app: Weber has one app that works for all its thermometers, including the iGrill Mini. It is packed with several features that provide insights on your meal and a simple interface for easy navigation. In addition, the Mini’s app has customizable settings, recipes, and tools to share what you’re cooking with other grillers.

5. Auto Shut-off capacity: The iGrill Mini saves battery-life by shutting the thermometer off when:

  • The probe isn’t inserted, and the Bluetooth thermometer isn’t paired to a smart device for more than five minutes.
  • The probe is inserted into a food cut but not paired to a smart device for more than eight hours.

Our Thoughts and Test Results of iGrill Mini

We think the iGrill Mini packs virtually everything grillers need to keep tabs on their meals. Our Weber iGrill Mini review found that it retains most of the features that its bigger brethren have, like its Bluetooth connectivity and smart indicators.

Right from the moment we saw the product, our favorite feature was its simplistic design. You can easily fit the unit in your pocket or take it with you on a journey. Aside from this, the probe provides optimum temperature readings, and the LEDs are pretty cool.

On the flip side, not being able to use the thermometer for more than one meal can affect your cooking time. We also hoped the probes were slightly more durable. 

If you’ve got the iGrill Mini in your arsenal, you wouldn’t have to stare at your food all day. The mini thermometer will keep you up to speed.

Now, let’s see how tests on the thermometer went:

1. Accuracy and precision: The iGrill Mini gives off accurate readings that its probe measures. Of course, your temperature measurements could be 1 ̊F off the mark occasionally. Anything more implies a faulty cooking probe.

2. Bluetooth coverage: Our Weber iGrill Mini review found that the thermometer works when your smart device is within 150 feet of the product. This figure isn’t off-the-chart for a Bluetooth device. Still, it’s enough coverage to get by.

3. Battery Life: The iGrill Mini single battery lasts for 150 hours. This is short of a week of use if you cook round the clock.

Concerning its battery life, we think the product is pretty great.

4. Temperature range: Like other iGrill thermometers, Weber claims that the Mini can read temperatures between -22 °F to 572 °F. It worked within this range, although we didn’t test the temperature at the extremes.

Past the extremes, the manufacturer states that the LED blinks red to tell you that your food is out of the allowable temperature range.

5. Convenience: The Mini works has one button to power on the unit. The product is as simple as digital thermometers come.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Reliable temperature readings
  • Allows personalization of settings to meet cooking needs
  • No screen display or sound

Who is the thermometer for?

The product is designed for individual grillers. However, couples could also use the product to watch the temperature of the meals in batches.

Essential things to note about the iGrill Mini thermometer

1. Ease of use

There’s hardly any complex aspect of the thermometer. In general, using the entire unit is pretty intuitive.

2. Ease of setup

Again, the setup process is pretty straightforward. After attaching the thermometer to the grill or on its mount, stick the probes. Next, download the app, and you can start using the unit to get complete visibility of your cooking process.

Weber’s manual contains the step-by-step process of getting started with the iGrill Mini.

3. Compatibility with cooking units

The iGrill Mini isn’t an exclusive thermometer. Therefore, it will work on Weber grills and non-Weber grills. The thermometer is also compatible with smokers and ovens but not a rotisserie.

4. Upgrades, accessories, and attachments

The iGrill 2 is the primary upgrade of this product. However, you may also explore Weber’s coolest iGrill 3 app-connected bluetooth thermometer if you have Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Spirit II barbecue gas grills or planning to buy any of them very soon.

A few accessories you can get for the Mini include:

5. Cleaning and maintenance

This product isn’t waterproof. Therefore, you can’t leave it outdoors. When soaked or submerged in water, the probes get damaged.

From our Weber iGrill Mini review, your best bet is to clean the probes by hand using a sanitary wipe or damp towel. Only use non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth to wipe down the device.

Regarding the battery, ensure you replace the battery with a new one of the same type.

6. Warranty

A two-year warranty backs the Weber iGrill Mini.

In conclusion

This Weber iGrill Mini review covers the bulk of everything you need to about Weber’s small thermometer. Our opinion is that the product works well in reading food temperature. However, we would have liked it more if it had more than one port.

Nevertheless, a closer look at the unit convinces us that the iGrill Mini is worth the buzz it has been getting.

Is the iGrill Mini a universal thermometer?

Yes, this thermometer is designed for any smoker, oven, and grill that doesn’t spin while cooking.

When is the right time to stick the probes in?

We’d say the best time to insert the probes in your food is before you start cooking or grilling. That way, you’ll allow the thermometer to check-in the initial temperature. This temperature is useful in creating the temperature and time charts you might need.

Can I pair the iGrill Mini with more than one smart device at a time?

Yes. You can pair the thermometer on more than one device. However, you can only use one smart device to connect to the thermometer.

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