I, Johnny Trigg, a pitmaster with 20 years of experience in BBQ Smokers and Grills, am the founder of BBQchickenUSA.com and also an owner of two barbecue restaurants. I’m passionate about reviewing, providing useful tips about BBQ Smokers, and known as BBQ Pitmaster.

Whether you’re looking for quick advice on barbecue smokers, grill tools, or buying guides with lots of information, I would help you make the perfect selection with cost-saving.

I, Melissa Cookston from a chef’s family background, am a chef and co-founder of BBQchickenUSA.com. I love to experiment in the kitchen & outdoor enthusiasts who grew up on camping, hunting, and hiking. If I could live anywhere, it would be a castle of Kitchen.

For now, I’m contributing here – outdoor gear and kitchen utensil reviews and helpful buying guides and becoming an author of cookbook very soon.

Inspired The Making Of BBQchickenUSA.com

We have been in this field quite a while before introducing us to the world through BBQchickenUSA.com. We have got a local BBQ & Grill restaurant where people would spend hours enjoying our delicious barbecue. They would often ask for suggestions on buying barbecue smokers, grill machine, and other related utensils, and we got a tremendously positive response from our clients.

As we have always been open to help in this particular area, we made this site to help others who are looking for honest and reliable information that can make trustworthy. We’ve done a lot of research and would like to have it compiled as a resource for others to use.

Our commitment-aim-promise is to all of our visitors to supply them with genuine, high-quality, unbiased reviews on BBQ, Grill & Kitchen Utensils. We also share buying guides and knowledge base tips for all the products they require.

Happy HOT Smoking!

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