If you’re a pitmaster or griller, you might have heard about Weber’s top thermometers: the iGrill mini, iGrill 2, and iGrill 3. While the model-mini has got no one confused, most grillers can’t seem to set the iGrill 2 and iGrill 3 apart. So, it might be important to know the difference between iGrill 2 Vs. iGrill 3, to pick the right one depending on your needs.

iGrill 2 Vs iGrill 3 Showdown

In this article, we’ll look at the iGrill 2 vs 3. Then we’ll have a peep at what recent customers have said about these iGrill thermometers. We’ll also offer a buying guide that might help you pick the better option between the two. 

To round off, we’ll provide answers to any question you might have about connecting or using either Weber thermometer.

Weber iGrill 2 Vs iGrill 3

iGrill 2
iGrill 2
  • Any grill, smoker or oven
  • 2 AA replaceable batteries, 200-hour life
  • LED screen, Fuel sensor absent

iGrill 3
iGrill 3
  • Genesis II, Genesis II LX, Spirit II series
  • 3 AA replaceable batteries, 250-hour life
  • No LED Screen, Fuel sensor present

Differences Between The iGrill 2 And iGrill 3
(iGrill 2 Vs 3)

The iGrill 2 and 3 look identical. Both products come with the same number of probes and have identical heat and water tolerance. They both measure similar Bluetooth ranges and work on the same Weber app. So, it was no surprise that many grillers got confused when the iGrill 3 was released a while after the iGrill 2 got into the market.

However, here are a couple of things to distinguish the two Weber Bluetooth thermometers from each other:


Grill Compatibility:

The grill you can use the smart Bluetooth thermometers on is perhaps the most significant difference in igrill 3 vs igrill 2.

As you might know, Weber produces not only thermometers but also grills. Some of the common ones are the Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Spirit II series. Although you might want to use these grills alone, there are custom-made spots on them for iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometers. If you don’t have any of these top grills from Weber, then you won’t be able to use the iGrill 3.

Alternatively, the iGrill 2 was not designed for any particular grill or to fit into any custom-made slot. So, you can use this Bluetooth thermometer with any smoker, grill, or oven.


Battery Life:

The second difference we think that’s worth noting about the two grills is their battery life.

The battery life of any thermometer is important if you want to get real-time temperature readings from it. Both the iGrill 2 and iGrill 3 come with replaceable AA batteries. However, while the iGrill 2 has two of these batteries inside the box, the iGrill 3 thermometer comes with 3 batteries.

As the iGrill 3 works on more batteries than the Weber iGrill 2, you would expect it to have longer battery life. Indeed, this is the case. While the iGrill 3 can last for 250 hours without requiring battery replacements, the batteries in the iGrill 2 work for only 200 hours before you have to change them.



Next on our iGrill 2 vs. iGrill 3 list is how to tell the two thermometers apart by looking at them. Indeed, we think this might be the first thing anyone would notice about the grills.

A display screen makes it a lot easier to check the doneness of your steak, chicken, or any other thing you might be smoking or grilling. However, not every device has this feature.

The iGrill 2 has an LED temperature screen. So, you can use the Bluetooth device as a standalone thermometer. This means that you might not have to get to your phone if you are close to your grill.

The iGrill 3 does not have an LED screen. The hole made for these thermometers in the Genesis II, Genesis II LX and the Spirit II are quite low. Indeed, they are almost at the same level as the control knobs. If these grills had an LED screen, then you might need to really bend to read off the temperatures of your slices of meat. This is one of the reasons we think the LED screen was ditched in the iGrill 3.


Weatherproof Capability:

Here’s another point in our Weber iGrill 2 vs 3 guide. The probes in both thermometers are not waterproof. However, we find it intriguing that only one of the two easy-to-mistake thermometers is weatherproof.

The iGrill 2 is not weatherproof. So, if you have your grill, smoker, or oven outside, you might want to bring it in during winter to use the iGrill 2. As with many other Bluetooth and electronic devices, excess moisture affects the iGrill 2, especially its LED screen.

On the other hand, the iGrill 3 is weatherproof. This means you should have no problem using the thermometer outdoors, especially as it doesn’t have an LED screen. However, you still have to be cautious when using it outside your home since the probes are not waterproof. If you want to protect the probe ports from damaging, then consider folding the cover after grilling.


Magnetic Fuel Level Sensor:

Remember how annoying it was when your propane tank got empty without you knowing? There’s hardly any way figure it out on most units, especially as these tanks are usually colored. Well, Weber has a solution for that in one of its grill thermometers.

The iGrill 3 has a magnetic fuel level sensor assembly. In some units like the Genesis II LX S-640, this sensor replaces the fuel indicator that is originally on the grill. And like before, you can monitor the propane fuel level from your Bluetooth-enabled device.

The iGrill 2 does not have this feature. So, there’s no way to know when you need a refill from the LED screen or your smartphone unless you walk to your grill.

Recent Customer Report On The
— Weber iGrill 2 Vs 3 —

iGrill 2:

iGrill 2

Recent customers reported that this Bluetooth thermometer worked with their grills, irrespective of the fuel type they used. Some customers were a bit confused that this thermometer also came with a CR2032 battery since there was no place to fit it. However, they quickly found that it was not required to operate the iGrill 2.

On the plus side, they were quite pleased with the battery life and the power-saving features it had. They reported that it would go to sleep when you move 30 feet away from the thermometer. However, it was said to last every second of its 200-hour life.

Also, several customers said that the bright red LED temperature numbers were readable and that the screen and port would definitely get ruined in the rain.

iGrill 3:

This thermometer has also received high praise from recent users. These users reviewed that they had little to no problems setting it up, connecting, or disconnecting the thermometer on their select grills. This, according to the users, is largely due to the intuitive app and explanatory user guide.

Most of them were pretty impressed with its battery life, especially as they claim anyone could forget to switch off the device.

The fact that you can use the iGrill 3 in any weather was one of the favorite things about this thermometer for recent customers. However, a large portion loved the fuel tank sensor feature more.

iGrill 3

Buying Guide To Pick The Better Option
— iGrill 2 Vs iGrill 3 —

We are usually perplexed when we hear people say that they can’t make up their mind between the iGrill 2 and 3. In truth, knowing the differences between the two Weber Bluetooth thermometers might also make the decision harder. That’s because each thermometer compensates the feature it lacks with what might seem like a better thing to have.

If you can’t make up your mind about which Weber thermometer to go for, then here’s our recommendation that might prove useful:

Who should go for the iGrill 2?

Consider picking the iGrill 2 over the iGrill 3 if:

  • You don’t take a fancy to buy a new Weber grill machine.
  • And, you desire to read the temperature of your meat on any grill, oven, kettle grill, or smoker.
  • You would like to read the temperature from not only from your phone but also from the thermometer.
  • You’re wanting the cheaper option.

Who should go for the iGrill 3?

Consider picking the iGrill 3 over the iGrill 2 if:

  • You have a Genesis II, Genesis II LX, or Spirit II grill or can afford to buy one.
  • You don’t want to move your grill around but permanently use it outdoors.
  • You’re not big on LED screens or getting a standalone thermometer.
  • You want a long-lasting battery.
  • You want to know when your propane fuel tank is empty without having it go to your grill.

Wrap It Up

Weber products are definitely some of the most sought-after BBQ units in the market. Their top-quality thermometers work with what many people might consider as one of the simplest apps to use. From this arsenal of Bluetooth thermometers, two, in particular, seem to be cut from the same cloth: the iGrill 2 and 3.

In this ultimate iGrill 2 vs 3 guide, we’ve revealed five things that tell the difference between these thermometers. We’ve also highlighted, in simple terms, how to know which one to go for if you’re thinking of getting one of them.

With this information, you should never muddle the iGrill 2 and 3 up again.

In any case, you’re looking for other models of Bluetooth-thermometers, you can continue reading the article – Leading Bluetooth Meat Thermometer in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
—iGrill 2 Vs iGrill 3—

Is iGrill Waterproof?

No. The probes themselves are not waterproof but water-resistant. So, you’ll definitely get them damaged if you submerge them in water. However, the iGrill 3 is weatherproof.

Can I use iGrill on a smoker?

You can use the iGrill mini and 2 to monitor the doneness of food placed on a smoker. However, if you want to measure the smoker’s ambient temperature, you’d have to place these thermometers on a surface near it. The iGrill 3 won’t work on a smoker.

Can I use iGrill in the oven?

You can use the iGrill mini and 2 to check the food’s temperature in an oven. However, you have to make sure the temperature doesn’t get above 716 ̊F. The probes might get damaged at any temperature greater than this.

Can I use the Weber iGrill 2 on any grill?

Yes. You can use the Weber iGrill 2 to keep an eye on your food’s temperature after placing it on any grill. You can also use it to monitor the temperature of the grill itself.

How do I connect my iGrill 2?

To connect your iGrill 2, first, download the Weber iGrill app on your device. Navigate to ‘Settings’ on your gadget, then ‘Bluetooth,’ and then turn on your Bluetooth. Next, keep your device close to your iGrill 2. Your gadget will automatically recognize your iGrill 2 under the ‘Available devices’ section. Finally, select ‘iGrill 2’ and then accept the request to pair your device with it.

Can I use Weber iGrill 3 on any grill?

No. You can’t use the Weber iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometer on any grill. It is only compatible with the Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Spirit II series.

How do I connect my iGrill 3?

If you want to connect your iGrill 3 to your iPhone, iPad iPod touch, or Android device, then consider following these steps:

  • Head over to ‘Settings’ on your device.
  • Navigate to ‘Bluetooth’ and toggle it to the ‘On’ position.
  • Switch your iGrill 3 on and wait for your smartphone to recognize it. It should be in the ‘Available Device’ section.
  • Select the iGrill 3 and accept the request to pair the two devices together.
  • Disconnecting your iGrill 3 can also be done in simple steps. All you have to do is tap ‘Disconnect.’

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