Where a Bluetooth thermometer comes in handy, we bet you’d want the best Bluetooth meat thermometer available.

Sometimes, no matter how watchful you are, getting properly cooked meat can be tough work. All you have to do is look away for a second or two, and your meal would have gotten burnt. And if you’re too careful, you might end up eating raw meat before you realize that you had not allowed it enough time to cook. Is there any solution?

Of course, you may know that an accurate thermometer can be the game-changer. But, the challenge is to find the top rated Bluetooth thermometer that allows observed your cooks remotely from your smartphone with perfection.

In this article, you’ll find comprehensive bluetooth grill thermometer reviews for the top nine models. You’ll also get everything you need to know about using and buying the Bluetooth thermometers.
So, dive in!

Bluetooth Meat Thermometers Comparison


  • Stainless steel dual sensor probe
  • Advanced food estimator timer
  • iOS (10.3 or later), Android (5.0 or later) and Alexa compatible

Inkbird IBT-4XS

  • Rechargeable AAA battery up to 40 to 60 hours.
  • Standalone LED screen for temperature readings.
  • Wide temperature range of 32° F to 572 ° F

Inkbird IBT-6XS

  • 6 stainless steel probes for improved productivity
  • Rechargeable in-built 1000 mAh battery with USB port
  • Magnetic and rotatable screen design for better readout

NutriChef PWIRBBQ40

  • 32-inch braided heat-resistant cable
  • Done smart alarm system for easy notification
  • Water-resistant L-shaped probe


  • 4 wireless probes with ambient and meat sensors
  • Touchscreen OLED screen for easy use
  • 1 magnetic probe charger with kickstand for easy placement

Weber iGrill 2

  • 2 heat-resistant probes up to 716°F
  • Standalone LED screen for easy temperature readings
  • 200 hour battery-life

Weber 7204 iGrill 3

  • 250-hour battery life
  • Heat-resistant probes up to 716°F
  • Accurate grill or smoker fuel level estimator

NutriChef Dual Probes (Upgraded)

  • 6 probe capacity
  • Done smart alarm system
  • Outdoor range of 200+ ft, Indoor range of 100+ ft

Oprol Smart Thermometer

  • 6 probes with wraps for productivity
  • Preset USDA-approved temperatures and doneness levels.
  • iPhone (4s and later) or Android (4.3 and later) compatible

The 9 Best Bluetooth Thermometer Reviewed & Recent Consumers Report

1. MEATER Long Range Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The Meater + is by far one of the best units we’ve seen in a long time, and it has many amazing probe features. Best of all, it does a great job of telling you the temperature of your meat.

Probe included: 1 probe, 2 Sensors
Cable Length: 100% Wireless
Bluetooth Coverage: Up to 165 feet / 50 meter

  • Water-resistant: Probe YES | Charger NO
  • Temperature Range: Internal meat up to 212°F | Ambient up to 527°F
  • Battery: Replaceable AAA battery charger and in-built probe battery
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

Top features:

1. Wireless probe: Bluetooth thermometers are not new. But a type that you might not find easily is the wireless probes. The Meater + is one of the few with this comfortable design that integrates the cables in the probe.

2. Magnetic charging case: The Meater + comes with a wooden charger that doubles as a storage case. You can put the probe back to charge immediately; you’re done using it.

3. Long battery life: The probe’s battery lasts for north of 100 charges, and you can swap out the charger’s batteries when they’re dead.


  • The probe is water-resistant.
  • The app is intuitive and easy to use.
  • It allows you to select the specific type of meat you’re cooking.
  • The Meater + is easy to clean, and it automatically reconnects you when you get within its Bluetooth range.


  • The charger is not water-resistant/proof.
  • You can’t use it in a pressure cooker.

Our Thoughts

This product’s probe monitors both the ambient and meat temperatures. So, you’d know if your grill is heating up your meat or not. It also provides cool stats, and you can select several cooking options.

The Meater+ is a step away from the Meater and definitely one of the top smart meat thermometers available. When we first discovered the product, we were amazed at how easy it allowed us to do other things while our rotisserie or steak was cooking.

What recent consumers report:

You’d get the feeling that this a top thermometer from he reports of recent users. Most customers think this product should be every pitmaster’s companion. However, a few wrote that they’d have liked it more if it was a bit cheaper.

2. INKBIRD IBT-4XS Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

The IBT-4XS is a digital thermometer with off-the-chart features. Little wonder that it is one of the top units we found in the market.

Probe included: (1 meat, 1 ambient) 2 probes
Probe Channels: 4 channels
Cable Length: 60 inches

  • Bluetooth Coverage: Up to 150 feet / 45 meter
  • Water-resistant: Probe YES | Device NO
  • Temperature Range: 32°F to up to 572°F
  • Battery: Non-replaceable AAA battery, lasts 40 to 60 hours
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

TOP Features:

1. Large LED display: You can read off the temperature and its graph of your meat from the transmitter’s screen

2. Portable Design: The IBT-4XS is lightweight, and the transmitter has a magnetic back. So, you can attach it to your grill or smoker.

3. Numerous pre-settings: You can pick the exact type of meat you’re cooking. The temperature values you choose are saved even when you power the unit off.


  • It is easy to use with a smoker or grill.
  • Its timer counts down. So, you’ll know when to take out your meat.
  • The USB charging and probe cables are long. So, the transmitter will never have to hang from the grill.


  • The digital thermometer has an average Bluetooth coverage.
  • You can’t calibrate the unit.

Our Thoughts

We think the IBT-4XS is comfy and straightforward to use. It comes with an in-built 1000mAh lithium battery as well as a clip to keep the probe firmly in your meat. The rechargeable batteries are one of the reasons we consider it a durable thermometer.

But our favorite feature is that it would give you a notification when the temperature meets its target or when you move too far away.

it also impresses us with its fast response time. Here’s a tip: make sure you fully insert the probes if you want accurate and consistent readings.

What recent consumers report:

Customers have been awe-struck on how excellent a thermometer the IBT-4XS is. They have written that you might not see the LED screen when the sun is out, and there’s no way to change the loud alarm system. However, most people think it is one of the best available.

3. INKBIRD IBT-6XS Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

If you care about getting the right meat tone, then you should consider getting the IBT-6XS.

Probe included: 6 probes (5 meat, 1 ambient)
Probe Channels: 6 channels
Cable Length: 47 inches

  • Bluetooth Coverage: Up to 150 feet / 50 meters
  • Water-resistant: Probe YES | Charger NO | Device NO
  • Temperature Range: 32°F to up to 572°F
  • Battery: Non-replaceable AAA battery, lasts 40 to 60 hours
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty


  • It is easy to set up the app.
  • It gives consistent, accurate meat and ambient temperatures.
  • Compatible with many devices and handy for large cookouts and parties.


  • The graph resets if you close the app.
  • You can’t use it in a deep fryer.

TOP Features:

1. Rechargeable Battery: The IBT-6XS has an in-built battery with a long shelf life, and you can monitor its percentage from your phone. The unit comes with a long 1.64 feet USB cable.

2. The rotatable screen on a magnetic case: You can attach the unit to your grill or smoker. Pressing the power button twice brings up the temperature readings on the transmitter.

3. Six channels: The product allows you to check the temperature of five pieces of meat simultaneously.

Our Thoughts

Remember the IBT-4XS? Well, the IBT-6XS is an upgrade of that digital thermometer. It has a timer and an alarm system that gives real-time updates on our pieces of meat. At 1.05 pounds, we definitely consider this thermometer a lightweight unit.

If you’re big on flexibility and efficiency, then you might love using this thermometer. It’s five probes are so convenient to use that you don’t have to go more than one round when monitoring your meat. And as a plus, we found that it is a multipurpose device.

What recent consumers report:

Most customers think that this unit is the leading Bluetooth meat thermometer. However, their major concern was the unit falling over because of its size. Overall, they are pretty impressed with the unit and feel it deserves a top rating.

4. NutriChef PWIRBBQ40 Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

This thermometer is definitely one of the best that we’ve come across. It offers the standard 150 feet Bluetooth range, and its transmitter is super light.
Setting up the device is also pretty easy. But you can use its explanatory manual to get a hold of everything you need to do to get it to work.

Probe included: 1 probe, 1 Sensor (meat)
Cable Length: 32 inches
Bluetooth Coverage: Up to 150 feet / 50 meter

  • Water-resistant: Probe YES | Device N/A
  • Temperature Range: internal meat up to 572°F
  • Battery: Replaceable CR-2032, 10
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty hours

TOP Features:

1. Smart done alarm: As you’d expect from a quality thermometer, this product from NutriChef will send push notifications when your meat reaches its target temperature.

2. Heatproof cable: You can leave the braided 32-inch cable in your oven or grill, and it won’t catch fire. The long cable also keeps the transmitter away from your cooking surface.

3. Quality probes: This smart thermometer has a quality L-shaped stainless-steel probe.


  • It is lightweight and compactly designed.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You can adjust the temperature setting and save custom presets on this thermometer.


  • You can use it to get the ambient temperature.
  • It is not the most durable unit out there.

Our Thoughts

With this thermometer, you get to decide your meat tone preference, which we think is pretty awesome. But that’s not all. The thermometer also provides data on your temperature readings and a handy timer. This NutriChef thermometer automatically switches off after 8 hours of continuous connection to save its battery.

Overall, we like this thermometer for many reasons, but our favorite feature is its minimalist design.

What recent consumers report:

Recent customers think that this thermometer is made from quality materials. However, it’s no good if you want to use it with your Apple watch. They also reported that the unit is easy to clean.

5. MEATER Block Premium Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Remember the Meater + unit we reviewed earlier? Well, this is like its elder brother. It has more probes and a kickstand. So, you could choose not to stick the block to your grill or smoker. For its price, the Meater Block is perhaps one of the foremost Bluetooth meat thermometers out there.

Probe included: 4 probes, 8 sensors (4 meat, 4 ambient)
Cable Length: 100% wireless
Bluetooth Coverage: Up to 165 feet / 50 meter

  • Water-resistant: Probe YES | Charger N/A
  • Temperature Range: internal meat up to 212°F, external temperature up to 527 °F
  • Battery: Replaceable AA charger Batteries, lasts for 24+ hours | in-built probe batteries
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

TOP Features:

1.Wireless design and WiFi connectivity: The Meater Block is one of the first completely wireless units in the market. With it, you wouldn’t have to worry about tangled cables. It also has a display system and allows you to connect the block to your Wi-Fi.

2. 4 Probes: Unlike previous models, you can use the Meater block to watch the temperature of four pieces of meat or grills at a time. They all measure both the meat and ambient temperatures.

3. Wooden charger: Keeping the design of previous models, the Meater block has a metallic, wooden charger and case. What’s more, is that it has a USB charging port at its side for long cooks.


  • It allows you to monitor several meals at a time.
  • Offers top-notch information about your meat and grill or smoker.
  • The Probes are Water-Resistant.
  • You’ll get custom alerts as long as you are within its connectivity range.


  • It isn’t the most cost-effective option.

Our Thoughts

This probes’ accuracy was the first thing that impressed us when we used this product. It gives spot-on readings, has a timer that counts up and down, and alerts you on when to take your food out of your grill or smoker.

Our hands-down favorite feature is its standalone mode with a touch capacity OLED display that gives it a smart look.

What recent consumers report:

People who have used the Block have reported that it is definitely better than most thermometers they’ve tried out. They reported that it’s a versatile thermometer, and the best liquid to clean it is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

6. Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

If you know a thing or two about Bluetooth meat thermometers, you’ll know that Weber is a household name. The Weber iGrill 2 comes in sixth on this list, and definitely not for lack of features.

The probe is water-resistant and heat resistant to up to 716 degrees. You can rename them, and get quality stats like a temperature graph from your phone. Temperature monitoring might not get any better than this.

Probe included: 2 probes (meat)
Probe Channels: 4 channels
Cable Length: 4 feet

  • Water-resistant: Probe YES | Charger N/A
  • Bluetooth Coverage: Up to 150 feet / 50 meter
  • Temperature Range: -22°F to 527 °F
  • Battery: 2 Replaceable AA charger Batteries, 200-hour battery life
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty

TOP Features:

1. Digital Temperature Display: This unit has a digital readout that provides the basics of the doneness of your meat. 

2. Four Probe capacity: This unit comes with two cabled probes. But there are four channels on the unit. So, you can use the thermometer to watch four slices of meat at a time.

3. Smart app features: The app has many cool features, and you can use one app for five thermometers. 


  • It is easy to set up and use.
  • Its batteries have long shelf lives.
  • Its magnetic base is a handy feature to have so you don’t break the transmitter.


  • You can’t use it to measure the ambient temperature of your grill or smoker.
  • The Bluetooth range could be better.

Our Thoughts

There’s much to like about the Weber iGrill 2. Little wonder, that it tops virtually every list of Bluetooth thermometers. Readings from the BBQ thermometer is spot-on with only a few errors. However, we think we would have liked it better if we could use it to measure our smoker’s temperature.

Still, we think it’s one of the best units that eases the stress of having to wait for your food to get cooked.

What recent customers report:

You can spot that most recent customers think this thermometer is a handy device to work. They, however, advised that you be careful with the temperature probes because they could snap. Overall, it surely deserves its high ratings.

7. Weber 7204 iGrill 3 Thermometer

The iGrill 3 packs similar features as the iGrill 2, with a few teaks here and there. On this product, you’ll not have a digital display. So, whatever you want to set has to be done from your phone. The device also has a 4 feet cable, but you might not notice when using it with your grill.

If you care about performance and need a grill for your Genesis II or Genesis II LX, then you should consider getting the iGrill 3 thermometer.

Probe included: 2 probes (meat)
Probe Channels: 4 channels
Cable Length: 4 feet

  • Water-resistant: Probe YES | Charger N/A
  • Bluetooth Coverage: Up to 150 feet / 50 meter
  • Temperature Range: -22°F to 527 °F
  • Battery: 3 Replaceable AA batteries, 250-hour battery life
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty

TOP Features:

1. Heat resistant 4-channeled probes: There’s not much to worry about when using these probes. As long as you don’t exceed the 716 F temperature limit while grilling, then you should like using it.

2. Smart app features: With this thermometer, you’ll get accurate temperature readings and many other data from your phone, so you might never burn your steak. The battery conserving options kick in when you walk 30 feet away from the thermometer.

3. Magnetic case: The back of this unit is magnetic. So, you can leave it permanently on your Spirit II, Genesis II, or Genesis II LX grill.


  • Easy to set up and mount.
  • Flexible and does a great job of providing accurate temperature readings.
  • Warranty is one of the best in the market.


  • You can’t use it for any other grill other than the three that it is recommended.

Our Thoughts

Not many thermometers can compete with the iGrill 3. It’s handy, and setting it up is a walk in the park. If you have any of its compatible grills, then you might love using this thermometer. Our favorite thing about this grill is that it can also tell you how much propane fuel you have left in your tank.

What recent customers report:

Recent customers have been pleasantly surprised about how good this device and they think it is perhaps the best Bluetooth meat thermometer out there. They mentioned that it is easy to use and good value for money.

8. NutriChef PWIRBBQ80 Smart Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer (Upgraded)

This is the second NutriChef thermometer, and we can definitely say that it is perhaps the best Bluetooth grill thermometer out there. It is one of the best devices for backyard grilling and large cookouts, with a simple-to-use and free app. 

The thermometer comes with two probe wraps, so you can use the wireless feature as well.

Probe included: 2 probes (meat)
Probe Channels: 6 channels
Cable Length: 32 inches

  • Water-resistant: Probe YES | Charger N/A
  • Bluetooth Coverage: Up to 200+ feet outdoor and 100 ft indoor
  • Temperature Range: -22°F to 482 °F
  • Battery: 2 Replaceable AA batteries, lasts up to 38 hours
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

TOP Features:

1. Compact design: The 3.68 ounces thermometer is lightweight and easy to portable. It has an LCD screen that shows the readings of your meat’s temperature.

2. Wireless connection and done smart alarm system: This NutriChef thermometer has sensors to detect when your meat gets to a particular temperature. So, you’ll get push notifications when its time to take out your meat from the oven, grill or smoker.

3. Six channels: You can use this thermometer to monitor the temperature of six pieces of flavorful and spicy meat at a time.


  • It is easy to pair.
  • The probes are heat resistant.
  • You can use it both indoors and outdoors.


  • You can’t use it to measure the ambient temperature.

Our Thoughts

Our first impression of this unit was that it is a great thermometer for its price. After testing it for a couple of minutes, we totally agree that we didn’t make a mistake. We were a bit disappointed that it couldn’t measure the temperature of our smoker. Still, its other top-notch features made us quickly forget that setback.

The temperature-reading accuracy is above average, and for the most part, the device did what NutriChef promised.

What recent customers report:

Most recent customers were happy with the device. They said that the temperature range could be improved. But that doesn’t seem to hurt their overall assessment of the unit.

9. Oprol Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The last device on our Bluetooth grill thermometer reviews is this Oprol unit. It allows you to choose everything from your target temperature to your preference display and pre-settings from your device. But that’s not all. You’ll also get near-perfect readings and a temperature graph. What more can one ask from a Bluetooth meat thermometer?

Probe included: 6 probes (meat)
Probe Channels: 6 channels
Cable Length: 36 inches

  • Water-resistant: Probe YES | Charger N/A
  • Bluetooth Coverage: Up to 196+ feet outdoor | 100+ ft indoor
  • Temperature Range: -22°F to 482 °F
  • Battery: 2 Replaceable AA batteries, lasts up to 24 hours
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

TOP Features:

1. Smart App features: There’re many things you can do with the app. It would give you real-time updates on the temperature of your food and when it would be ready. 

2. 6 channels: Another standout feature is that it allows you to simultaneously monitor up to 6 chunks of meat in your grill, oven or smoker. 

3. LCD screen: Its digital readout is easy to use even at night.


  • It is an affordable unit.
  • The stainless-steel probe comes with wraps that help to prevent messy oils.
  • It is easy to pair this device.
  • It comes with probe clips to keep the probes firmly in your meat.


  • The probes might break easily.
  • It doesn’t come with batteries.

Our Thoughts

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to get a hold of how this thermometer works. We like that its user-friendly app allows you to select up to eleven cooking options. But its easy-to-read LCD and top-notch battery life are our favorite features.

If you can be extremely careful with the probes, then you should definitely consider getting this unit.

What recent customers report:

Current customers were initially skeptical about getting this thermometer. But after reviewing the exciting features and outstanding Bluetooth coverage, most of them had a change of heart. They gave the thermometer a 4.5 rating out of 5 stars. To them, it might just be the best Bluetooth thermometer.

Infotainment About Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Why should I buy a Bluetooth meat thermometer?

There’s no hard and fast rule in the golden book of cooking. However, if you want to multitask while cooking, then you might find a Bluetooth thermometer useful.

They’d keep you in the loop of your meat’s temperature and the vessel you are using to cook it, even if you’re in another part of your home. So, with these units, you might never have to excuse yourself to check the doneness of your meat. Eyeballing the temperature from the app would do the trick instead.

These thermometers don’t cost a fortune. So, we don’t figure that you would have to pay more than a few dollars for a unit. Plus, you’d find that the best Bluetooth grill thermometers are easy to use and set up.

Bluetooth vs. Radio Frequency

Apart from Bluetooth thermometers, there’re also other types of radiofrequency (RF) models. RF devices work on frequencies that span from 3 kHz to 300 GHz. The Bluetooth options are restricted to only 2.4GHz.

You might want to look at Bluetooth models if you care about getting the right doneness with anything you cook and those fancy charts and alarm systems.

However, with the unique frequencies of RF thermometers, you may not have to worry about interference. So, you can drive your radio-controlled car past your grill, and almost everything will check out fine. Moreover, the pricy units usually have a more extensive connectivity range.

Another advantage RF units have is that the same company makes their receivers and transmitters. So, you won’t need to connect to your phone.

How does a Bluetooth thermometer work?

Generally, Bluetooth thermometers have:

  • A probe
  • A transmitter
  • A cable

You’ll need to stick (not stab) the probe inside the meat for the thermometer to work. The cables then take the temperature information to the transmitter. Finally, the transmitter sends information to the receiver, which is any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

While some Bluetooth thermometers have readout displays on the transmitter, others allow pit-masters to change the thermometer settings from wherever they are.

Also, cool models don’t have cables. Their probes are integrated into the transmitters. Nonetheless, with whatever type you get, you’d have one less thing to worry about after putting your meat on the grill or oven.

Limitations of Bluetooth meat thermometers

Bluetooth thermometers, for the most part, give accurate readings. They’re cool devices to get the right tone of Miss White and Mr. Brown. However, they’re limited in two ways. One is the connectivity range.

This issue is common to almost any Bluetooth device and not only thermometers. So, you shouldn’t expect to get notifications or accurate readings if you’re quite some distance from the unit. Moreover, the 150 feet range that most thermometers have is only applicable when there are no obstacles like thick walls in the way.

How to improve the performance of your Bluetooth thermometer?

If you want to improve the performance of your Bluetooth thermometer, you can try to remove the obstacles in its path. Placing your receiver in hallways and open fields is a brilliant idea.

Every thermometer has a temperature range it can get. So, it would do you no good to stick the probe in anything you suspect might be outside the thermometer’s range.

Furthermore, you should give all parts a thorough wipe down if you don’t want to get false readings. One way to verify if it still works is to put the probe in ice or boiled water, as long as it can read these temperatures.

Lastly, you should turn off any other Bluetooth device that’s close to your thermometer to prevent interference.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Bluetooth meat thermometer should last for many years. However, what you do in maintaining them determines how long they’d stay with you.

Here are some tips and tricks we reckon would be useful:

1. Don’t stab your meat with the probe:

It sounds fun to try, but your probe could snap when you do this. Instead, gently push the probe’s tip through the meat.

2. Don’t lift your meat with the probe: 

Again, this is another cool thing to try, but your probe isn’t a lifting fork for your meat.

3. Don’t forget to clean the probes before and after each use: 

If it’s waterproof, then run water over it. But that isn’t a free pass to submerge it in water. If your thermometer isn’t waterproof, then you should use a clean, smooth cloth to clean and keep it dry.

4. Follow the instructions in the manual to the letter: 

There’s no way you can escape reading your manual. In it, you’d find the best tips that are peculiar to your product.

Buying Guide To Pick A Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

We hear people say that getting the best Bluetooth BBQ thermometer can be tricky. But it only feels that way if you don’t know what you should look out for.

So, here are a couple of things to consider before you get a thermometer:

The probe features:

There are but a few Bluetooth meat thermometers that pack everything you’d want in one. But one factor you should never compromise is the probe’s features.

While meat probes read of the temperature of your meat being in contact with them, ambient probes monitor your grill or smoker’s temperature. Getting a thermometer that has both would be a great idea.

Another thing to consider is the number of channels. The more probe channels you have, the more pieces of meat you can monitor at a time. Therefore, if you want to host a party or cook for your family, then you should look towards getting multi-channeled thermometers.

Most thermometers we found have dual-channeled probes. But we also got a few that allow you to simultaneously monitor up to six pieces of meat.

Again, before you get a thermometer, you should make sure that it gives accurate readings. Our rule of thumb is that an accurate thermometer should provide only an error of 2 degrees F above or below the true temperature.

Lastly, you should check whether the thermometer comes with a clip or not. It helps the probe stay in your meat while you cook.

Bluetooth coverage:

You should consider the Bluetooth range of the product you want to get if you are big on multitasking.

While researching the top thermometers in the market, we found many that would work within 150 feet. But, if you want the foremost Bluetooth meat thermometer out there, then you should look towards getting one with this range or better.

App features:

The probe alone doesn’t make up a Bluetooth grill thermometer. So, you should also consider its app features. The best things to look out for are smart features like automatic re-connectivity, sleep mode, smart notifications, timers, and any other cool feature.

Multipurpose Use:

If you feel that getting a thermometer for your coffee, meat, and smoker is a bit too much, consider buying a unit that allows multipurpose use.

Another thing to consider with this factor is whether you can use the grill to monitor both meat and ambient temperatures at the same time.

Water-resistant vs. Waterproof:

These two terms are similar, but they don’t mean the same. While you can dip waterproof thermometers to any depth in water, water-resistant options only allow water penetration to an extent.

The choice is entirely up to you! But let the place where you’d be using the thermometer guide you on which type to get.


We can place bets that you would take a thermometer you can use for hours over one that would die while your meat is still cooking. So, make sure you consider the type of battery and its shelf life before buying the Bluetooth thermometer on your wishlist.

Bluetooth thermometer batteries can either be rechargeable and non-rechargeable. For either option, a top-notch product should last for at least a whole day.


Finally, you should also consider the warranty coverage of the Bluetooth thermometer. From our research, we found that most products had between a 90-day to a 2-year limited warranty. 

Also, check to see whether there are accessories like a charger, probe clip, magnetic case, etc.

wrapping up

The best Bluetooth thermometers take away the guesswork from grilling, cooking or smoking meat. So, we think you should definitely consider getting one. 

More still, there’s hardly any benefit of not using a Bluetooth thermometer, other than keeping fit by running to your grill when your meat has turned to soot!

We’ve done most of the work for you by going through the Bluetooth meat thermometers in the market. So, all that’s left is to pick one. But you’re not alone. Let our buying guide lead you to the best Bluetooth meat thermometer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Of Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

Q1. What is the best Bluetooth meat thermometer?

There are many contenders for this crown, and honestly, the choice is up to you. Nevertheless, our best Bluetooth meat thermometer is the Meater+ 165 feet smart wireless thermometer.

Q2. Where should I stick my probe?

If you really want to get the best temperature readings, don’t poke just any part of your meat with your probe. Instead, strike at the thickest flesh, away from the bones. 

Q3. Can I use more than one probe on my piece of meat?

Well, sure, you can! But if you wouldn’t eat with two spoons at a time, then we see no reason why you should stick more than one probe in your meat.

Q4. Can’t I ditch my Bluetooth thermometer and use the built-in one in my grill?

We think that’s a bad idea. Grill thermometers are bimetallic, and most of them are inaccurate. If you rather not stand by your grill and get false temperature readings, then we advise that you go for the best Bluetooth thermometer instead.

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Five different types of charcoal can serve grillers excellently. Here, we’ll show them to you and tell you which is the best.

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Lump Charcoal Vs. Briquettes: Which Wins the War of Superiority?

Every grill lover has been involved in or heard about lump charcoal vs briquettes arguments before. So here, we’ll settle once and for all.

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