Weber manufactures some of the best grilling and cooking equipment available. Since it launched the Spirit II series in 2018, the Weber spirit ii e-210 has caught many BBQ lovers’ attention.

But does this grill really match up to the expectations of a top-quality unit?

In this Weber Spirit II E-210 review, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the in-demand gas grill.

Continue reading to discover its technical specifications, cooking performance, ease of use, pros, cons, and much more.

A Comprehensive Review of the Spirit II E-210

The Weber Spirit ii e-210 is a two-burner gas grill. It is designed for cooking in compact spaces and is one of the smallest outdoor models in the Spirit II series. The Spirit II E-210 runs on liquid propane. However, you can request for a natural-gas model.

According to Weber, the Spirit II E-210 is made for grilling, cooking, and barbecuing tasty meals. It comes with advanced features, like temperature controls and a heat deflector. These features, as well as its cooking surfaces, provides users with an exciting grilling experience.

You should get a simple-to-read manual, grilling parts, and the partially-assembled gas grill in its box.

Spirit II E-210 Specification :
  • 44.5″H x 48″W x 27″D
  • 57″H x 48″W x 26″D
  • 103 pounds
  • 2 (stainless steel)
  • 26,500 BTU
  • 360 square inches
  • 90 square inches
  • 2
  • 6
  • AA (1 provided)
Spirit II e-210 grill specification

Key Features of Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill


GS4 technology

Like other Spirit II grills, the Spirit II E-210 works on a four-component grilling system. They are:

➡⓵ Infinity ignition:

This component is designed to make the grill light up at your first try.

➡⓶ Stainless steel burners and tubes:

The two burners are designed to provide sufficient heat to foods.

➡⓷ Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars:

The three bars are included to add extra flavor to food.

➡⓸ Grease management system:

This system ensures that drippings and grease from food are channeled towards the grill’s drip pan. It includes a sliding catch pan that houses the grill’s drip pan.


iGrill 3 compatible

The iGrill3 is Weber’s app-connected thermometer. It monitors the doneness of a maximum of four meat cuts and sends a notification to your smartphone.

Although iGrill 3 doesn’t come with the Weber Spirit II E-210, the grill has a plastic fascia for this device.


Open cart design

This design allows more storage space for tools under the grill. For example, there’s an exterior scale where you can install the tank. This design is different from previous models that have cabinets for a propane tank.

Furthermore, the Weber Spirit II E-210 has two stainless steel side shelves with plastic caps. You can fold down only one. This model is also mobile, with two plastic wheels.


Superior cooking grates

This Spirit II gas grill comes with a set of cast-iron grates. They are enameled with porcelain, and you can use either side for grilling or cooking. These grates give nice grill marks.

Our Thoughts and Test Results

The Weber Spirit II E-210 is a decent gas grill. Our first impression was that the grill is well-design, and almost every recent Weber spirit ii e-210 gas grill review backs this up.

For starters, the parts that come with the unit are made from superior stainless steel and cast iron. On the flip side, we figured you might need a hand to put these parts together. The push-button for the crossover ignition system is pretty handy, and we liked that the right burner lights from the left one.

Our favorite thing about the Spirit II E-210 gas grill is that it allows direct and indirect cooking. According to Weber, you should use the direct method for tender food like steak, fish, burgers, and other meals that take less than 20 minutes to cook. On the other hand, large meat cuts should be indirectly cooked.

Here are the test results of the Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill:

1. Heating performance: This measures how even the grill’s burners heat up in all settings.

The Weber Spirit II E-210 distributes fairly-even heat.

2. Preheating performance: It looks at how even the grill heats up after a few minutes of preheating. From our Spirit II E-210 review, the grill has an average preheating performance.

3. Indirect cooking performance: This metric measures the heat produced when one burner is used to heat the opposite grill grate. The Weber Spirit II E-210 performs fairly when used to indirectly cooked food.

4. Temperature range: This looks at the peak temperature the grill gets to using a thermocouple. Based on our tests, this grill can get to at least 500 degrees F.

5. Convenience: This factor examines the mobility, grate materials, and other essential features—this Weber grill scores below average, largely due to its two-wheel system.

In a nutshell, the Weber Spirit II E-210 grill is a solid grill that works as its manufacturer claims.

  • Innovative GS4 technology
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Heavy duty & distributes fairly-even heat
  • Convenience for maintenance
  • Upgrades & accessories are widely available
  • Time-consuming to assemble completely
  • Requires slight lift to push around

Why should you consider getting the weber spirit ii e-210 gas grill?

Your needs should be the ultimate factor that spurs you to buy or not buy this gas grill.

From consumer reports and our Weber spirit ii e-210 review, this grill’s highs are more than the lows. Its warming rack feature is also a plus for the gas grill, but not as exciting as its small size.

Therefore, this Weber grill can really be helpful if you don’t want to go through the hassles of using large charcoal grills outside.

Who is the Weber Spirit II E-210 for?

According to Weber, the Spirit II E-210 is an entry-level grill for couples, small families (of three or four), and beginner grillers. The side shelves on this unit make cooking food in batches easy because the provide a resting platform for food.

Our research found that you can fit 12 average-sized burgers on this model at once.

GO DEEPER | A Closer Look at the Weber Spirit II E-210

1. Ease of assembly:

The Spirit II E-210 isn’t the easiest grill to assemble. Although the gas line and firebox are ready to use out of the box, you’ll need to attach other components and assemble its cart.

Most users spend one to two hours assembling this unit.

2. Ease of use:

You don’t need a matchstick to get the fire up. Its ignition system is reliable enough to get you started.

Also, the non-stick cooking grates on this model don’t need to be pre-seasoned. You can start using them right from the box.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Like every other cooking equipment, the Weber Spirit II E-210 requires routine cleaning. Generally, cleaning becomes overdue if you notice:

➡ The grill doesn’t get too high temperatures.

➡ Your food heats up unevenly.

➡ Your food sticks to the grates.

(i) Cleaning the lid: Grease and smoke can cause paint-like flakes on the lid. Brush the grill’s lid with a stainless-steel brush when you notice these deposits.

(ii) Cleaning the grates: Debris can also stay on this unit’s grates. Remove the grates and then clean with a stainless-steel brush.

(iii) Cleaning the Flavorizer bars: As we mentioned in our weber spirit ii e-210 black 2-burner review, this model has three Flavorizer bars beneath the grates. Scraping these parts with a plastic scraper should do the trick. However, you could also use a brush.

(iv) Cleaning the burners: If you want the best performance, you’ll need to routinely clean the burners’ ports and spider screens with a soft bristle brush.

(iv) Cleaning the outside of the grill: If you want to clean the Spirit II E-210, Weber recommends that you:

● Use non-toxic stainless-steel cleaner to clean stainless-steel surfaces.

● Clean plastic and porcelain-enameled surfaces with warm soapy water.

4. Upgrades, accessories, and attachments:

These parts allow you to get the best out of barbecuing, grilling, or cooking. However, most don’t come with this model.

The accessories, upgrades, and attachments that work with this model include:

iGrill 3

⇒ Cooking tongs

⇒ Grill cover

⇒ Griddles

5. Warranty:

A 10-year warranty backs the Weber Spirit II E-210 grill. This warranty covers material defects and workmanship problems from the date of purchase.

Material defects include:

● Rust or burn-through of parts

● Damages that prevent you from using the gas grill

Despite this, Weber’s 10-year warranty doesn’t cover the gas grill’s wear and tear. So, be mindful of dents and scratches if you want to benefit from the warranty.

Weber Spirit II E-210: Liquid propane model vs. Natural gas model

Ultimately, the decision between a liquid propane model or a natural-gas unit is up to you. But you need to consider that:

● The liquid propane model requires frequent tank refills. The natural-gas unit can run if you attach the hose to your home’s gas supply.

● You’ll have to use the natural-gas unit close to your home or get a long hose to connect it. You can use the propane model anywhere.

● The natural-gas version won’t work with the grill’s fuel gauge. On the other hand, a propane unit should give fairly accurate readings with this gauge.

Handy tips when using the Spirit II E-210

● Don’t use dirty grates if you don’t want to ruin your meal.

● Flip your meals once. Opening the lid frequently affects heat retention and cooking times.

● Leave one-quarter of the grates clear if you don’t want to be restricted while grilling or cooking.

● Be present throughout the process. A timer could mislead you.

● Always preheat the grates before you start cooking or grilling your meal.

How does it compare?

The Weber Spirit II E-210 has fierce competitors in the market. Let’s see how it stands against its rivals:

1. Weber Spirit II E-210 vs. Char-broil signature two-burner gas grill

●      BTU rating: Firstly, the Weber Spirit II E-210 offers 26,500 BTU of output. On the other hand, the Char-broil signature two-burner unit provides 24,000 BTUs.

●      Mobility: While the Weber grill has only two wheels, the Char-broil model has four casters.

●      Side shelves: The Char-broil grill has two shelves that you can fold. On the other hand, the Weber grill has two shelves, but you can only fold down one.

●      Cooking area: The Spirit II E-210 has the upper hand when it comes to the total cooking area. It offers a 450 square-inch space. However, the Char-broil grill has only a 400 square-inch area.

●      Ignition system: With this factor, the Weber grill has the upper hand since it allows cross ignition.

Both grills have porcelain-enameled grates, two stainless steel burners, and an efficient grease management system.

2. Weber Spirit II E-210 vs. Weber Spirit II E-310

These grills are made from the same manufacturer. Hence, many of their features are similar. Here are the factors that set the E-310 apart from the E-210:

●      The number of burners: The Weber Spirit II E-310 has one burner more than the Spirit II E-210.

●      Weight: In terms of size and weight, the Weber-Spirit II E-310 is heavier and less compact than the E-210. They both have two wheels.

●      BTU rating: The Weber Spirit II E-310 has a 30,000 BTU rating, which is 3,500 BTU more than the Spirit II E-210.

●      Price: As you might expect, the Spirit II E-210 is cheaper than the Spirit II E-310. However, both units are relatively affordable.

●      Cooking area: While the Spirit II E-310 has a total cooking space of 529 square inches, the E-210 comes with 450 square inches of cooking space. 

Both have warming rack areas.

Summing up

Our Weber Spirit II E-210 review shows that the grill is packed with exciting features for a reasonable price. Although a few touches here and there could make it better, we think it is a standout grill.

Do you think its features meet your expectations of a top grill?

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