Before delving into the Weber Spirit II E-310 review, it’s noteworthy that Weber is a company that’s made quite a name for itself. With many excellent products in their repertoire, it’s really not much of a surprise that they’ve grown to such heights. Despite all that, their outstanding engineers have created another promising product.

People who love a good grill have been taking their hats off, BBQ in hand, practically having roundtable discussions about the Weber Spirit II E-310. Of course, some have their reservations. Still, many people seem to think that this product is the best thing since sliced bread. 

However, are these people right? Does this product live up to the hype? Or is it just another regular grill with a lot of good marketing? In this Weber Spirit II E-310 Review, we’ll help you answer that question.

What is the Weber Spirit II E-310?

Of course, you know this product is a grill from the Weber brand. But, what exactly is it made of? What are the compositions?

This is a GS4 grilling system that’s based on upwards of 30 years of grilling experience. To start from the basics, this grill has three burners with an infinity ignition system. That is, you wouldn’t need to worry about matchsticks or lighters when you want to “light ’em up.” The grill will do that for you anytime and all the time. 

What’s even more interesting is that this simple feature has a ten-year warranty. Who needs matchsticks when you can just get the company to get it fixed for you? This, however, isn’t the only thing that comes with a warranty. 

Effective as they’ve been praised for being, the burner tubes have a 10-year warranty on them. But, besides all this generosity from Weber, what else does the grill have to offer? Let’s see.

There are flavorizer bars that catch drippings while you’re grilling to add the all-too-good smoky flavor to your food. However, if the flavorizer bars aren’t able to get them all, for some reason, the grease management system on the grill comes into play. Located under the cookbox, the grease management system ensures proper cleanliness on this grill.

Outside these impressive features and components, this Weber grill has so much more to offer. There’s the folding side table, a fuel gauge, a tank that’s pretty easy to access, an open-cart design, and so much more. Indeed, this part of our Weber Spirit II E-310 review doesn’t automatically translate into the perfect grill. But, even you must admit that the thought of this many features is a tad exciting.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 52 x 26 x 57 inches

Weight: 107.8 pounds

Number of burners: Three

BTU per hour input: 30,000

Primary cooking area: 424 square inches

Warming rack area: 105 square inches

Total cooking area: 529 inches

Batteries: 1

Battery type: AA

Fuel type: Liquid propane

Key Features

1. Open-cart design

This specific feature gives grill users extra space to store and easily access their grilling tools on the grill. 

2. GS4 tech.

We’d like to say that this is the most notable of the grill’s features in this review. But, in reality, virtually every other Weber Spirit grill operates on this tech. Nevertheless, it is still quite exciting. How so? Well, the GS4 tech is a grilling system that has four components. They are:

Infinity ignition. As we explained earlier, this feature enables you to light up your grill as many times as possible without needing a lighter.

Flavorizer bars. By catching drippings, these bars help to add an irresistible sweetness to your food.

Stainless steel burners & tubes. The three highly effective burners and tubes help to guarantee proper gas flow to your grill.

Grease management system. This system helps you to catch grease while cooking for easy disposal.

3. Excellent cooking grates

While other brands cut costs until their grates’ quality is questionable, Weber takes a different route. This grill sports cooking grates made of cast-iron and enameled in porcelain.

4. iGrill 3 compatible

iGrill 3 is a demonstration of Weber’s tech-savviness. It is a thermometer on the grill that you can connect to your mobile device. Its function is to measure the readiness of your meat for consumption. Once ready, it will give you a notification on your smartphone.

Our Thoughts and Test results

In the process of writing the Weber Spirit II E-310 review, we came across the product. At first glance, we thought it could be a bit more compact. That way, you won’t have to worry about taking too much space wherever you’re using it. Besides, bigger isn’t always better, right? Well, this thought is still relatively valid. But, considering the sheer power this grill packs, the size is excusable.

To begin with, there are so many physical and performance attributes that stand this grill out among the rest. Our favorite among them is the build quality. With the stainless steel materials used to manufacture the grill, it will be difficult to break this bad boy. 

But, we couldn’t just go with what we saw without getting detailed information. After all, the opinions of other users online can only get you so far. So, we conducted a couple of tests. Here are the results:

1. Evenness performance

The purpose of this test is to measure the evenness of heating in low and high temperatures across the surface of the grill. To conduct this test for our Weber Spirit II E-310 review, we used thermocouples. In the end, we discovered that the product has above-average performance in this regard. 

2. Preheat performance

This test measures the surface temperature of the grill after the first ten minutes of cooking. It helps to show how long the grill will need to heat before it hits the highest temperature. This Weber grill aced our test, but with a slightly above average score.

3. Indirect cooking capacity

We conducted this test to see how well the grill can slow-cook meals even when the meals aren’t directly on the flame. This model demonstrated excellent indirect cooking capacity and aced our test pretty well yet again.

4. Temperature range

This test helps us to find out what the least temperature is for this grill. It does so by calculating the difference between all the average heating temperatures on the burners when they’re high or low. In this regard, the grill performed very well again.

5. Convenience

This Weber model hardly gave us any difficulties during use. So, unlike some of the other tests, it aced this one excellently.

All in all, you can say that the results of our Weber Spirit II E-310 review indicate that this model is as good as people say it is.


➡ It has three different burners. This provides you with just enough space to cook.

➡ The cooking grates are durable.

➡ It has a fuel gauge. 

It comes in four different colors, including sapphire and black, among others. 

➡ It has an inbuilt thermometer on the lid.

➡ The grill has a warming rack, which helps to keep food warm.

➡ The gas task is pretty easy to access. 


➡ It takes up quite a bit of space.

➡ Despite its size, there are only two wheels to move it around. This could require more effort than usual.

Who is the Weber Spirit II E-310 for?

There isn’t much of a limitation regarding who can use this product or not. Small families, couples, etc. can use this model. However, like virtually every other cooking equipment, this model isn’t for children.

Quick things you know about the Weber Spirit II E-310

1. Ease of assembly

We’d like to say that this Weber grill is incredibly easy to assemble. However, that wouldn’t be entirely true. Indeed, the product is great and can perform its functions optimally. The tests we conducted for our Weber Spirit II E-310 review prove this. But, it’s still a bit of a hassle to assemble. Some people have reported spending several hours in the process. 

If you don’t have a lot of experience using grills, you might have to spend some time trying to figure it out. The setup manual should really come in handy here. Alternatively, you could get some help from a friend or call a professional. 

2. Ease of use

This product doesn’t require too much stress before you can access its functionalities. For starters, it comes with infinity ignition. That means you will not have to have to strike a match to get your cooking started. What’s more, the manufacturers of this product are highly confident in the infinity ignition. They assure you that it’ll light every single time. When it doesn’t, the ten-year warranty can help you fix that. 

Besides this, the product is designed to resemble an open cart. This makes it easier to pick up your cooking tools at different points in the cooking process. 

3. Cleaning and maintenance

This Weber product is largely a cooking tool. Like every other cooking tool, it is bound to get dirty at one point or the other. Even if you’re incredibly careful with it and you make sure to keep dirt away, you’re still not out of the woods. The grill will still need to be maintained every now and then. You’ll know for sure when you notice these signs:

➡ The heating temperatures are far below acceptable levels.

➡ The grill surface isn’t heating evenly any longer.

➡ Food sticking to cooking grates

Here are some areas you should look out for in that regard. 

●      The lid. This could get dirty as a result of grease and smoke settling on it. The color of dirt formed would clearly differ. But, you’ll generally notice a deviation from the original color. In that case, you should get a stainless steel brush. Afterward, scrub the lid with it.

●      The grates. These parts can also get dirty. We have the greasy nature of barbecue to thank for that. When it happens, take them out. Then, wash them with a stainless steel brush.

●      The burners. This is one of the parts that ensure proper gas flow. It’s the part that gives fire to your food. As such, it’s a bit more requiring of care than they do. So, instead of using a stainless steel brush, grab for a different one. A great alternative would be a regular brush with soft thistles. Use it to scrub, and you should be fine. 

●      The flavorizer bars. This helps to catch drippings and increase food tastiness. It’s very job description forces it to be dirty every now and then. But, you should be able to clean it with a scraper easily.

●      The grill’s exterior. If you are using the grill outside, you’re definitely going to attract some dust. So, you’ll need to clean it. Just ensure that your cleaning brush isn’t toxic. Additionally, you should use warm, soapy water. 

4. Upgrades, accessories, and attachments

These are extra things you’ll need when using the grill. They don’t often come with the original product’s packaging. They include:

⇒ Tongs

⇒ Fuel tank 

iGrill 3

5. Warranty details

The warranty covers the product for ten years. However, it specifically excludes normal damages that come from wear and tear.

Why do people need the Weber Spirit II E-310?

Without a doubt, we can say that people need this grill to make their cooking much easier. Especially if you’re a grill enthusiast who enjoys getting something nice cooked, it’ll add a certain level of comfort to your process. This is owing to the feature-packed design, as we’ve indicated in our Weber Spirit II E-310 review. 

Can just any model give the satisfaction you want?

In truth, not really. This is why you need to pay specific attention to the one you end up buying. The last thing you want is getting a cheap knockoff that’ll be a waste of money, time, and effort.

Other best models you should consider
Weber Genesis II E-310

In Conclusion 

Our Weber Spirit II E-310 review easily shows the impressive features that this product packs. Of course, it could use a bit of work. But, the pros outweigh the cons. Considering all these, it’s hard to say that the product is just a regular grill. Our verdict? It’s definitely a big deal.

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