One of the biggest producers of gas grills today is Weber. They’ve grown so popular and effective at their work. So much so that they’ve easily rolled out masterpieces in the last few years. Some of these excellent pieces often fall into their Genesis series. One of them is the Weber Genesis II E-310. 

Some people believe this model to be perfect, even better than those in other series. Others are a bit more skeptical. To settle this rift of opinion, we’ve taken our time to draft a comprehensive Weber Genesis II E-310 review. In the end, we’re sure you’ll be more than capable of making your decision regarding its quality.

Weber Genesis II E-310 In A Nutshell

Many people who have done a Weber Genesis II E-310 review believe strongly that this grill has raised the bar. To a reasonable extent, this is true. After all, the grill is almost literally teeming with exciting and useful features. But don’t just take our word for it. Read for yourself. 

For starters, this grill comes with three highly efficient burners. This is noteworthy because grill manufacturers often fit their products with a bare minimum of two burners. The extra one on the Genesis II E-310 is certainly a game-changer.

Alongside this, the product has cast iron, porcelain-enameled cooking grates. These are nothing short of highly durable. What’s more, the porcelain included adds a certain dash of class and style to the looks. This is apart from the fact that the greasy nature of grills necessitates smooth, porcelain-like surfaces.

However, speaking of looks, this particular model is designed to look like an open cart. That’s not a metaphor, by the way. Because of the design, which has been received well by many, you can easily access tools. It speeds things up significantly when you’re cooking.

The grill runs on liquid propane and has a fuel gauge. This helps you to know just when you’ll need to get more gas. As such, it completely eliminates guesswork from your cooking and grill maintenance. 

At 133 pounds, some might say that this product is a tad heavy. Well, that’s somewhat true. It’ll take a bit of effort to move it around if the wheels get damaged. But, it’s meant to be heavy, especially when you consider the sheer amount of features in this grill.

To sum up this part of our Weber Genesis II E-310 review, we’d say that the design is thoughtful, and the features are much-needed. But, you can’t just stop here as there’s still so much more to know about the machine. Let’s see! 

Technical Specifications

Main burners (BTU-per-hour input): 39,000

Dimensions (lid open): 62 x 59 x 3 inches 

Dimensions (lid closed): 47 x 59 x 29

Primary cooking area: 513 square inches 

Tuck-Away warming rack area: 156 square inches

Total cooking area: 669 square inches

Stainless steel burners: 3

Fuel type: Liquid propane (20 lb. tank sold separately)

Side tables: 2

Swivel locking casters: 2

Durable all-weather wheels: 2

Tool hooks: 6

Battery type: AA

Key Features

1. High-Performance GS4 Grilling System

Many other grill models use this system for their products. But, it doesn’t make it any less interesting. This grilling system is a pretty handy feature of the Genesis II E-310 grill by Weber. Its capabilities can be divided into four essential components. They are:

Infinity ignition. Some might say the name could use a bit of work. But, regardless of the name, this feature allows you to light your grill multiple times without failing. That is, from the first time you try to fire up your grill to the 1000th time, you can rest assured that the infinity ignition. It eliminates the need for matches or lighters. 

High-performance burners. Granted, there are some other grills in their repertoire that Weber fitted with only two burners. But, the Genesis II E-310 grill by Weber takes things up a notch. With the GS4 grilling system, you can enjoy three different burners that function excellently.

Stainless steel flavorizer bars. The function of a flavorizer bar is to “apprehend” drippings during cooking. Afterward, they’re used to add a sweet and all-too-amazing flavor to your food. It might not be quite as dramatic as high-performance burners with high BTU. But, it is still a pretty useful feature to have. 

Grease management system. With barbecue, grease is inevitable. The grease management system on this model, however, helps to ensure that you can control it.

2. Open-cart design 

Like we explained earlier in this Weber Genesis II E-310 review, this model is designed like an open cart. It gives you very easy access to your tools while you’re cooking. Thus, making the process substantially less stressful to handle.

3. Excellent heat retention.

The lid/cover of the grill is made of porcelain-enameled material. This material helps to retain heat enough to keep your food warm until you need to eat it. It also helps to ensure proper protection from the elements. Although, we don’t imagine you’d leave your food out in a snowstorm.

4. iGrill compatible

Another noteworthy feature of the Genesis II grill is that it’s compatible with iGrill 3. This tiny piece of technological innovation is a thermometer that you can connect to a smartphone. One essential purpose it serves is letting you know when your food has hit the right temperature. Hence, ready for consumption.

5. Cast-iron cooking grates

These cooking grates are porcelain-enameled. They help to make sure that heat is spread across the grill’s surface properly. 

Our thoughts and test results

When we first saw this grill, we immediately became guilty of one of the oldest crimes known to man – judging a book by its cover. But you really can’t blame us. The grill is excellently designed to match the impressive features it sports. There’s no way we wouldn’t have just assumed it was good. But, beyond assuming, we went ahead actually to test it out. 

We’re particularly fond of the iGrill 3 thermometer. It’s incredibly helpful. This is especially so when you’re not in the immediate surroundings of your BBQ on the grill. We do wish that the grill was a bit less heavy. But, the fitted wheels make it easy to move the grill around. So, you don’t quite have much to worry about.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the results we got from testing out this piece of machinery.

1. Evenness test 

We conducted this test for one primary purpose. We wanted to see how well heat spreads across the grill’s surface. For this, we used thermocouples to measure the evenness at low and high temperatures. Afterward, we realized that the Genesis II E-310 grill by Weber is well above average in this regard.

2. Preheat test 

Much like the first test, we wanted to measure heat here. But, what we focused on was preheat. That is, we wanted to see how hot the surface would be after just a few minutes of heating. Besides that, we also wanted to predict how long it would take before the grill hits the maximum cooking temperature. In this regard, the grill performed well.

3. Indirect cooking capacity 

Indirect cooking refers to the type of cooking where the food isn’t directly exposed to the flame. Instead, you’ll slow-cook the food by turning only a few burners. Also, you’ll keep the food away from the direct gaze of the flame. Since slow roasting is an essential part of making barbecue, we tested the grill’s slow-cook ability. Turns out the Genesis II E-310 grill by Weber is a pro here.

4. Range of temperature

Unlike the rest, this one involves a bit of maths. Much like calculating the regular range in statistics, this one also aims to find out the difference between the average temperatures. To do this, we calculated when all the burners were low and when they were high as well. It’s understandable if this is a tad confusing for you. However, the main point is that we wanted to see how far below the grill can go. Our results show that the grill is well above average here.

5. Convenience

This grill has high-quality wheels fixed to help you move it around easily. Alongside that, the open-cart design makes it particularly easy to get your stuff when you need them. There’s not much of a hassle when it comes to using this product. So, we’ll rate the grill excellently in this area.

If these test results on our Weber Genesis II E-310 review indicate anything, it’s that the grill lives up to the hype.


➡ Convenient to use. 

➡ Feels very sturdy and stable. 

➡ Easy to move around, despite its weight. 

➡ The grease management system is excellent at its work. 

➡ The flavorizer bars make your food even sweeter. 

➡ Evenness in heating. 


➡ There are no shelves that fold down. 

➡ It takes quite some time to set up the grill. 

➡ The warming rack on the upper side isn’t as deep as it needs to be.

Who is the Weber Genesis II E-310 for?

Considering its size, among other things, this grill is ideal for people who want to entertain small crowds. Alongside that, it’s perfect for small families looking to share some binding time over the flame and with some good food.

What else is there to know in the Weber Genesis II E-310 review?

Despite all the information here, there are still many other things you should know about this grill. Let’s check ’em out. 

1. Ease of assembly

Many grills within the Genesis series aren’t particularly easy to assemble. Even with a manual, beginners still spend quite some time trying to get the hang of it. So, if you’re going to be assembling your grill, you should get prepared. Some people have reported spending upwards of 120 minutes at it. But, the result is always a good-enough reward. 

2. Ease of Use

If anything, our Weber Genesis II E-310 review has now proven that the grill is pretty easy to use. This ease is facilitated by the open-cart design, wheels, etc. 

3. Cleaning and Maintenance

Like any other cooking equipment, you need to clean and maintain this grill properly. Usually, if you don’t, you’ll get early warning signs before it gets damaged completely. They can be:

➡ Poor heating temperatures

➡ Uneven heating

➡ Food sticking to cooking grates

When you notice these, it’s time to take care of your grill. Here’s how to.

●      The lid. Acquire a stainless steel brush and use it to scrub this part. The primary form of dirt you should be battling here is grease.

●      The burners. These are a bit more delicate than the lid. So, use soft brushes to get them taken care of.

●      The grates. To clean them, you have to remove and use stainless steel brushes.

●      The flavorizer bars. Simply scrape away the dirt with a plastic scraper. 

●      The exterior. The grill’s external part only requires warm, soapy water and stainless steel cleaners that aren’t toxic. 

4. Upgrades, Accessories, and Attachments

Among others, you’ll need the following accessories. 

⇒ Sear grate

⇒ Grill cover

iGrill 3

⇒ Griddle

⇒ Grilling basket 

⇒ Rotisserie 

5. Warranty Details

The product offers a ten-year warranty that doesn’t cover natural wear and tear

Why you should consider buying this product 

It is incredibly convenient. We’ve said this before, and we’re saying it again because it’s true. The wheels make it easy to move around. The design allows easy access to tools. The iGrill tech lets you monitor your food even when you’re not there. The lid provides heat retention. The list goes on, but by not, you must get our point. This product is well worth your money.

Other great models you should consider
Weber Spirit II E-310

In Conclusion

Our Weber Genesis II E-310 review has one primary purpose. It is to inform you about this grill. By now, we’re sure you must have all the info you need. However, if we were to sum it all up and give you a verdict, we’ll say that this is really not a terrible way to spend your money. 

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