It feels great to make your bbq sauce, but at times you can make a mistake, and the sauce becomes thin. Are you wonderstruck? In this article, we going to show you simplest steps how to thicken bbq sauce.

Methods: How to Make Bbq Sauce Thicker


It is one of the simplest thickening methods available. To do this, you need to pour your sauce into a pan. The place it on low heat and wait till all the excess liquid evaporates. The remove it from the cooker and allow it to cool. With the excess liquid gone, the sauce becomes thick again.


First, mix ¼ cup of water with two tablespoons of flour. Stir well to ensure all lumps get removed and then add the mixture into your barbecue sauce. Then simmer it under low heat until the required thickness gets achieved.

Corn Starch:

The procedure is similar to that of the flour only that the mixed quantities differ. You get to mix a tablespoon of cold water with that of corn starch. Mix the mixture well and ensure that there’re no lumps. Then add it to your bbq sauce.

The three methods described above are the main ones used in thickening a bbq sauce. But if you need to thicken your sauce using a tasty thickener, you can use the following agents;

Tasty Agents Used for Thickening Bbq Sauces

Tasty thickeners not only help your sauce get to the required thickness but also improves its flavor. You may think that these thickeners usually change the entire taste, but are wrong. The bbq sauce still maintains the integrity of its overall taste. The tasty ingredients include the following;

Heavy Cream:

If the cream is from the goats, cows, or other natural sources, it will add intense richness into your sauce’s thickness and drastically improve its flavor. You only need to add it to your sauce and allow it to simmer to the desired thickness.


Organic butter gets preferred most. Avoid using margarine. Naturally, butter comes with a balance of fat and water. As a result, it creates its dreamy, creamy consistency. Just add the butter into your sauce and simmer the mixture. Continue adding butter until you get the required thickness.

Coconut Cream or Oil:

It may not be popular with barbecue sauces, but it’s a great thickener. Add either coconut oil or cream into your sauce until you attained the needed thickness.

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