The number of cookware you can use to make the perfect pancake stack seems endless. But nothing matches the ample cooking space and ease of flipping that pancake griddles offer. But not only for pancakes! You can also use these griddles to make juicy steaks, French toast, and many more meals.

If searching through thousands of options for the best pancake griddle doesn’t sound like fun, then continue reading to get the ten leading units. You’ll also find a buying guide that’ll help you pick the best griddle pan for pancakes in a jiffy.

Top 10 Pancake Griddle Reviewed In 2023

After digging through and testing several products, we found these units as the best pancake griddles you can get your hands on:

1. DASH Everyday Electric Griddle for Pancake

The first product on this list and our best electric griddle pan is the DASH DEG200GBAQ01. Measuring length 20 by width 10.5 inches in outer dimensions, this unit provides ample cooking space for you to make pancakes, burgers, eggs, and any other thing you crave.

It has a PFOA-free and nonstick surface, so making several batches won’t require you to clean up each time. There’s also a temperature probe and a drip tray that puts more fun in pancake-making.

best rated electric pancake griddle


  • The griddle’s drip tray makes cooking healthy pancakes with less oil possible.
  • Best versatile and easy to use.
  • The griddle heats up and retains heat excellently.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Cleaning isn’t super-easy because there’s one more item to wash (drip tray).

Our Thoughts

We think the DASH DEG200GBAQ01 is a complete and well-designed electric griddle for pancakes. Its nonstick surface can get up to 400 degrees F in a blink, and we love how versatile it is. At a go, you can fit up to ten small and medium-sized pancakes.

The drip tray is a welcome feature in this griddle pan. But if you are looking to add color to your kitchen, then you’d love this bright plastic over the aluminum unit.

Overall, if you need the best electric griddle, then the DASH DEG200GBAQ01 is one top unit to consider buying.

What recent customers report:

Recent customers are just as pleased as we were the first time they used this griddle. They seem to love almost everything about this griddle except for washing the drip tray.

Furthermore, they think the high-temperature setting on the probe isn’t the best fit for making golden-brown pancakes, but it works for making other quick meals.

2. Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan

Next, we have this top-quality pan from Nordic Ware. It’s an excellent product for making seven smiley-face pancakes – and yes, only happy faces!

The cooking surface of this pancake-only pan measures 3.13 by 3.13 by 0.25 inches, and it is pretty easy to clean for a cast aluminum unit.

Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan


  • Cute and friendly design.
  • A 10-year warranty backs it.
  • Nonstick surface for easy pancake flipping.


  • It’s not great for large party guests.
  • Metal skewers or spatula ruins the cooking molds.

Our Thoughts

Nordic Ware put some thought into making this product, and we think kids would love it. Its 1.61-pounds weight and imported phenolic handle make this pan easy to lift. But you can guess our favorite feature – the smiley faces!

We figured that you have to preheat it before each use and wash it by hand, which are not our favorite things to do. But we guess that’s not too much to ask.

In a nutshell, you can give this pan a try if you’re looking for a pan that’ll put a smile on your face and your pancakes.

What recent customers report:

Generally, recent customers are pleased with this stovetop pancake pan, and the major talking point is on the fun smileys. Nevertheless, some customers have raised concerns about the coatings coming off quickly, especially from the edges.

A tip they gave is to make only six pancakes at a time, leaving the middle well free. This can serve as a spot where you can flip the remaining pancakes.

3. Ecolution Nonstick Griddle Pan

Coming in third on our list with the best budget tag is the Ecolution 11-inch griddle. You can use it to make pancakes, crunchy bacon, steak, eggs, and other breakfast meals. Thanks to its aluminum surface that heats food easily, you can save some cooking time with this pan.

Like all other griddle pans from Ecolution, this model has a premium PFOA-free nonstick coating and an eye-catching color.

best griddle pan for pancakes


  • The pan has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Silicon-handle makes it easy to lift and store.
  • Versatile unit.


  • The sidewalls are a bit too high.

Our Thoughts

We think this Eco-friendly product is a top-notch pan for its price and a useful unit for making pancakes. The easy to grip silicone handle first caught our attention. But the premium Hydrolon-coated surface steals the show because it allows you to make healthy foods without using a ton of oil or butter.

We like to eat small pancakes, but this pan seemed to always deliver medium to large-sized units. After investigating, we found that the center is slightly elevated, so the mix is bound to run to the lower sides.

Overall, there’s a lot to like about this griddle pan, and we’ll advise you to go for it if you’re working on a tight budget.

What recent customers report:

Customers are so happy with this product that most of them have given it a 4+ star rating. Although the nonstick surface is great, they advise that scratching it with a metal utensil can ruin it.

Another point to note from their reports is on its oven-safe properties. The handle can get burnt if you crank up the oven past the 400 degrees F limit or put it too close to the fire on a stovetop.

4. Vremi 20-inch Large Nonstick Cast Iron Griddle for Kitchen Stovetop

Next, we have this massive reversible griddle from Vremi that can fit up to 14 small-sized pancakes at a go. Both sides are made from durable cast iron, so you can expect maximum heat retention and distribution when using this unit.

The non-electric pan comes pre-seasoned and is one of the most versatile griddles in the market. It includes sturdy grips at both sides and is oven-safe.

Vremi 20-inch Large Nonstick Cast Iron Griddle


  • Durable and should stay with you for many years.
  • Large cooking surface, which makes it perfect for big pancake parties.
  • Fairly easy to clean and store.
  • Pan evenly heats up food.


  • Quite heavy.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.

Our Thoughts

We think this is a unit to consider getting if you don’t want to change your pancake griddle every month.

It is our best-cast iron pancake griddle.

The heavyweight champ is a well-designed and handy cooking extra. At first sight, the large cooking space was undoubtedly our best future, but the drip edge came close to winning our hearts.

One issue with this unit is that you really have to muster up the strength to lift it, even with both grips. Another is that you always have to use it on two burners. But when you think of all the things you can make with this unit (like pizzas, pancakes, burgers), you might just squash the setbacks like we did and go for it.

Overall, if you want to make lots of pancakes at a go, then we highly recommend this unit.

What recent customers report:

Recent customers are happy with this unit, with one person even referring to it as the ‘coolest kitchen extra.’ However, some customers are a little worried about the unit’s size and its portability. But overall, they think getting this griddle was good value for their money. 

5. Presto 07055 Cool-Touch Electric Ceramic Griddle

Next on our list of the best griddle pans, we’ve got the Presto pancake griddle. Although it’s our best ceramic griddle, its base is made from cast aluminum and the frame – from plastic.

Measuring 10.5 x 20.5 inches, you’ll have lots of room to cook anything from, pancakes to bacon, eggs, and even toast.

This unit has a removable heat regulator (Control Master) and a slide-out drip tray that comes in handy when making healthy meals.

Presto 07055 ceramic pancake griddle


  • The ceramic, PFOA, and PTFE-free coating makes cleaning and flipping pancakes easy.
  • Large 20-inch cooking surface.
  • It has a one-year limited warranty.
  • Lightweight for its size at 6.20 pounds.
  • Dishwasher-safe.


  • You can’t use metal utensils on its surface.

Our Thoughts

We like several things about this unit that picking out our favorite feature was a bit of an issue. The backstop ledge for easy food handling ultimately got the crown.

Our research found that you can fully immerse it in water after removing the heat control and use it as a buffet server. At 30-inches, the cord is also pretty long. So, you don’t have to use it too close to an outlet that can supply 120 volts of power.

Leaving the drip tray to accumulate oil is definitely a bad idea. But the real danger is in using a metal utensil on the surface.

We think you can give the Presto 07055 a try if you want the best ceramic pancake griddle.

What recent customers report:

Overall, the Presto 07055 has gotten high praises from recent customers. Customers remarked that they could use it for cooking ‘everything’ and another claimed that ‘it heats up evenly and quickly.’

Few people have expressed their disappointment that this unit couldn’t get passed 400 degrees F. However, that has been the only major issue in the pool of fantastic comments from recent customers.

6. Crepe Maker Machine Pancake Griddle

Next, is our best for portability: the 12-inch electric Crepe pancake griddle by G&M Kitchen Essentials. It has a nonstick aluminum surface and in-built temperature control for precise pancake making.

The Crepe maker machine/ pancake griddle is versatile and can be used to make bacon, blintzes, and tortillas right from your kitchen. It works with a 120-volts power source and comes with a detailed 100 recipe cookbook to help you make your favorite delicacies.

best rated pancake griddle


  • Unique indicator light to tell you when your meal is ready.
  • Compactly designed and travel-friendly.
  • Heats up quickly and evenly.


  • You can only use it to make small-sized pancakes.

Our Thoughts

If we are to pick out our top traveling cookware, this unit will be one of the first ones we’ll grab. Like many electric pancakes, the product heats up quickly, but not too blazing hot temperatures.

Do we wish we had more cooking space to make more pancakes? Definitely! But this isn’t a deal-breaker for us. We still think it’s a worthy investment if you’re looking for a grab-and-go griddle.

What recent customers report:

Many customers have used this product in recent years, and most of them love the cookbook, even though there are some errors in them. Some people wish they could throw this crepe maker in a dishwasher. But the easy to clean surface covered this disappointment up.

In a nutshell, recent customers have more highs (like perfect temperature controls) than lows to say about this pan.

7. OXO Nonstick Pro Griddle

The best pancake griddle for stovetops is this 11-inch square OXO unit. It is made from hard-anodized aluminum and coated with three layers of nonstick PFOA-free material for easy food removal. The contoured stainless-steel handle is durable, and it makes the 2.92-pound unit easier to lift.

You can handwash this pan or throw it in the dishwasher for easier cleaning. And when you need to roast vegetables in an oven or cook burgers, bacon, and other meals, the OXO Nonstick Pro can come in handy.

This flat bottom unit is oven-safe up to 430 degrees F.

OXO the best Nonstick pancake griddle


  • Easy to use and store after cooking.
  • The layered coatings make it easy to flip pancakes and clean.
  • Great for making pancakes for small families.
  • The handle stays cool to touch


  • The pan sometimes warps after a few months of use.

Our Thoughts

We know a good unit when we see one, and the OXO Nonstick Pro is definitely a great pick. It has high heat retention, thanks to its hard-anodized surface. But our favorite feature is the rolled edges that make drip-free pouring possible.

Heat distribution is pretty good on this unit, and generally, we think it’s easy to clean. Careful use should prevent it from warping, which could be an issue with this pan. But asides that we believe getting the OXO Nonstick Pro is perhaps the best griddle for pancakes you can get.

What recent customers report:

Recent customers have given impressive reviews about the OXO Nonstick Pro pan. They claim it is a ‘good product’ that offers decent distribution. The major talking point is the tendency for the pan to warp, but some customers report that they’ve had it for several months and it still looks new.

Overall, these customers are generally happy using the pan, and its 4.6 out of 5 stars shows just that.

8. Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle

Remember the first Nordic Ware pancake griddle we reviewed earlier? Well, this unit is a lot like it. Instead of the emojis like in the previous unit, this griddle leaves waffle marks on pancakes.

You can make seven pancakes at a time with this pan’s cooking surface of 3.13 by 3.13 by 0.25 inches for each cavity. The cast-aluminum unit weighs 1.83 pounds altogether, so lifting it should not feel like carrying weights.


  • Nonstick surface makes flipping easy.
  • Imported Phenolic handle for easy lifting.
  • A 10-year warranty backs it.


  • Not dishwasher-safe.

Our Thoughts

We went all-in to get the best pans, and the Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle was one of the few that caught our attention. Like it’s ever-smiling twin, this pan has spot-on specs.

Indeed, you shouldn’t use metal utensils on the surface, which we find a bit limiting. We were also hoping that we could throw it in the dishwasher, but that’s a bad idea.

If you can’t seem to get perfectly round pancakes, then you should really consider this unit. It is our best pan for making small-sized pancakes.

What recent customers report:

Recent reporters have backed this unit as one of the top ones to invest in. They find it useful in making waffles, and many are impressed with the short time it takes them to make a batch. One reviewer remarked that it takes only 20 minutes from mixing the batter to finish. The pan’s simple design has also been a delight to many.

9. Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan – Nonstick Pancake Griddle

With much talk about smiley face pancakes, the ninth item on this list and our best for emoji is this unit from Good Cooking. The 7-cavity pan can give you happy, winky, pucker, laughing crying, excited, heart eye faces– and yes, an angry face!

Altogether, the unit weighs 1.7 pounds, and it is made from durable aluminum. Its PTFE-free nonstick coating heats up evenly, and you’ll get that golden-brown look in no time.


  • Easy to use and store.
  • Cleaning up takes a few minutes, thanks to its nonstick coating.
  • The Handle is comfortable to hold and use on a stovetop.


  • Not a dishwasher safe. You’ve got to hand-wash it.

Our Thoughts

We think this pan has a cute design that kids and oldies would love. Pancakes seem to come out great with this unit, and you don’t have to worry about getting the right shape when pouring batter.

We are convinced that you might need some time to get used to how this pan works and how much batter should go in each cavity. But if you’re up to the task and need a smiley pan to wow your friends or family, then consider getting this pan.

What recent customers report:

Generally, recent customers have given this Good Cooking pan the thumbs up. However, some have complained that flipping it is difficult. One excellent reviewer shared a few tips, and top of the suggestion-list is to leave one cavity open and never overfill the rest.

10. Cuisinart MCP45-25NS Double Burner Griddle

The final item on our list is this top griddle pan from an established brand. It is a 10 by 18 inch covering a massive area that you just have to use on two burners, as its name suggests.

This pan has a Triple Ply construction, which features a pure aluminum core and brushed stainless exterior. This should be enough to distribute heat over its surface, but it also has a Heat Surround Technology to foster even cooking.

At both sides, there’s a Cool Grip stainless-steel handle that stays cool even when on the stovetop. 

Let’s see the reasons this pan has made this list.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Handles are safe to use.
  • Raised walls to prevent drip from falling off the sides.


  • Slightly heavy.
  • Not the most portable option.

Our Thoughts

Durable, feature-packed, and versatile – these are some words we can use to describe this Cuisinart griddle pan. Looking at this unit, we knew that we could use it to broil, fry, and even bake food. We were glad that it could get as high as 500 degrees F. So, it’s definitely one for the oven.

Although it doesn’t come close to snatching the heavy champ title on this list, we still think it’s heavy to lift. But that’s expected for its size.

If you want a two-burner unit, then the Cuisinart MCP45-25NS gets our best griddle pan for pancakes recommendation.

What recent customers report:

Recent customers report that this unit is a multi-functional griddle that works well. They have no concerns about the handles getting hot or the base warping. However, most conclude that it is not the best fit for small-sized families.

Nonetheless, the positives from these customers are the main talking points.

Buying Guide For Considering Best Pancake Griddle

We’ve heard one too many newbies complain about how tricky shopping for the pancake griddle can be. Whenever they think they’ve found the best pancake griddle, a somewhat better option pops up from nowhere!

Well, that can only happen when you’re not sure of what makes an excellent griddle pan.

Here are a couple of things to look out for, so you don’t fall for the worst griddle pan available and waste your money:

1. Type of pancake griddle

You’ve got two options when searching for the best griddle pan for pancakes: an electric and non-electric griddle pan.

Electrics remove the guesswork from making pancakes by allowing you to set the cooking temperature. However, they are a bit harder to clean because of their non-water resistant components. But they’re your best bet for precision pancake-making even though you have to use them close to a power outlet.

Non-electric griddle pans are just as good as their electric counterparts. Most of these units don’t have temperature controls. However, you can dump them in water without having to worry about damaging the components. Also, they won’t cost you as much to operate as electric griddles.

2. Size

Once you’ve figured out the type of pancake griddle you want, the next thing is to get the right size. Bigger isn’t always better, especially if you don’t plan on making several pancakes at a time.

By answering these questions, you’ll be able to tell the griddle size range that’s perfect for you:

  • What size of pancakes do you prefer, big or small?
  • What number of pancakes do you want to make with your griddle at once?
  • Do you want a portable pancake griddle?
  • Do you need a pancake griddle that can feed a large family or party guests?

3. Material

Your work isn’t done when you can get the right size and type of pancake griddle. You also need to consider the material it is made from. Why? It affects the heat retention and distribution, conductivity, and durability of the griddle pan.

Many griddles are made from aluminum because the material distributes heat evenly and is easier to clean. Cast iron is a slightly heavier option, but it retains heat on the surface excellently, which is great for making perfect pancakes.

Asides the build material, keep an eye on products with nonstick coatings if you care about finding a unit that makes pancake-flipping easier.

4. Functionality

Getting a pancake-only griddle is nice. But a unit that you can use to make pancakes and other meals might be a better fit for you. If you already have cookware that does this, then don’t bug yourself.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you!

5. Cleaning flexibility

Finally, consider how easy to clean the griddle pan is. Here, all you have to do is look at the surface. Nonstick coatings make food residue come off quickly, and you’ll find them in many aluminum griddle pans. But if you pick a cast-iron pan, then seasoning it will give it that nonstick property.

Nothing beats a dishwasher-safe griddle pan in terms of ease of cleaning!

Expert Tips:

How to make pancakes on a griddle

How to clean a pancake griddle

Cleaning a dirty griddle pan is pretty straightforward. But you need to know the proper way to get it done if you don’t want your pancake to taste terrible or your griddle pan to get bad.

Step 1: Allow your pan to cool. Next, use a paper towel to remove grease and oil from its cooking surface. Don’t scrub aggressively like you’re trying to take off graffiti from a wall. Lightly rubbing it will do the trick.

Step 2: Pour hot water on the pancake griddle and add your preferred dish-washing or grease-cutting soap. If you’ve got hard grease, then let the water-soap mixture sit for a few minutes.

Step3: With a sponge or a spatula, loosen food residue and gunk from your pancake griddle. Repeat this step several until the cooking surface is sparkling clean.

Step 4: Rinse your pancake griddle with warm or hot water.

Step 5: Finally, use a paper towel or a clean cloth to wipe the griddle.

You could also use baking soda and white vinegar if washing with soap isn’t your tea cup.

Wrap Up

Making pancakes without a pancake griddle isn’t much fun, and there’s a high chance that the process could get messy. Your best bet is to get a pancake griddle that’ll turn pancake making into a fun activity for you and your family.

We’re sure you won’t have shopping problems again when buying the best pancake griddle if you use our buying guide and in-depth reviews. Each pan has its top points, and they’ve all been picked as the best unit for a feature tag. 

Peruse through our list and pick the best fit for your needs!

FAQs about Pancake Griddles

Q1. What temperature to cook pancakes on a griddle?

A: You can set your griddle to cook between 200 and 400 degrees F, depending on what tone of pancakes you want. But the best temperature to get golden-brown pancakes is 375 degrees F.

Q2. How long does it take to cook pancakes on a griddle?

A: It takes all but 10 to 20 minutes to cook pancakes, depending on the temperature.

Q3. Should I preheat your pan before use?

A: Yes. Preheating and oiling your pancake griddle before use is always a good tip.

Q4. What is the best coating to have on a pancake griddle?

A: Ceramic coatings are more durable than regular nonstick coatings, and many people prefer to have them on their griddle surface.
Teflon also does a great job of preventing pancakes from sticking on your griddle.

Q5. Can I use a Crepe pan to make pancakes?

A: Yes. A crepe pan or machine works just fine.

6. What should I use to grease my pancake pan?

A: Vegetable oil, regular oil, clarified butter, and spray grease will all work.

7. How do I know when the bottom of my pancake is cooked after flipping it?

A: You can either peek to see or let the steam guide you. Fewer steam points to an almost ready pancake.

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